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Passenger boats, taxi boats for sale in UAE, Dubai Worldwide, wide range of Passenger boats, Ferry boats, and Electric boats for sale. We ship to your approved destination in the world.



Ferry Boat Double Ended 78.40m 2000 People New Build

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS Length Reg: 78.4 m Breadth: 14.8 m Design Draft: 1.80 m GRT: 1999 NRT: 800 Disp. Tonnage SPEED Loaded: 18 Knots MAIN MACHINERY […]

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Country: China

Year: Brand New



Passenger Boat, Touring Boat, 19.95m 56 Pax New Build

Fast Passenger boat New Build Loa: 19.95m Beam:5.6m Draft: 1.5m Capacity: 56 People Speed: 21.59Knot/ 40km/h Approx Material: FRP Navigation Area: coastal calm water and […]

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Year: Brand New


Passenger Boat, Sightseeing, Touring Boat, 32m 152 Pax New Build

Passenger boat, Sightseeing Boat LOA: 32 m Beam: 8.00 m Draft:1.80 m Speed: 15-18 km/h Passengers: 152 New Build Hull Material: Steel Navigation area: Inland […]

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Year: Brand New


Ferry Boat Catamaran 30.66m 152Pax

Ferry Boat New Build Material: Steel LOA: 30.66m/ 100.59ft Beam: 8.20m Draft: 2.80m Speed: 30Km/h Approx Capacity: 152 Passengers Navigation Area: Coastal

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Year: Brand New


$USD8,000,000 - 10,000,000

Fast Ferry Boat 41m High Speed 400 Seats

Fast Ferry Boat Hull and Superstructure: Aluminum New Design and Customizable Length: 41m Capacity: 400 Seats New Build

1738 total views, 0 today

Year: Brand New


Passenger Boat Catamaran 19.91m 57 People

Passenger Boat Catamaran Total length: 19.91m/ 65.32ft Overall width: 8.50m Draft: 1.05m Capacity passenger:: 52 People crew: 5 people Power: Power: 368kw x2 Cruise speed: […]

1759 total views, 3 today

Year: Brand New



Ferry boat 42.48m high speed 303 seats – New Build

Fast Ferry Boat Aluminium Two levels, Economy and First Class Loa: 42.48m Beam o.a. 10.30m Capacity: 290 Pax 13 Crew New Build Type: High speed […]

2092 total views, 2 today

Year: Brand New


$USD9,000,000 - 11,000,000

Passenger Boat Ferry 53m Catamaran 650 Pax New Build

LOA 53mts Overall Beam: 12.50mts Draft 1.50mts Capacity 650 People. Engines options: MTU Air conditioning marine generator Navigation system Radar Vhf radio Safety equipment Fire […]

2618 total views, 3 today

Year: Brand New


$USD8,189,000 - 11,000,000

Passenger Boat Catamaran, Ferry Boat Two Levels Brand New 45m

Total Length: 45 Meter/ 147.638 Ft Beam: 10.8 Meter Engines: Twin MTU 1440 KW Speed: up to 27 Knots Passenger Capacity: 350 Pax Air-conditioning system […]

3820 total views, 5 today

Year: Brand New

$USDStarting 1,350,000

Passenger boat 27.6m, 103 People, Brand New

LOA: 27.6 Beam: 6.5m Draft: 1.1m Hull: Catamaran Material: GRP Engines: 368kw x 2 Design speed: 18 kn Capacity: 103 People including crew Range: 180 […]

2363 total views, 0 today

Year: Brand New


Hybrid Floating Restaurant 45.2m, 395 People Brand New

LOA Length Overall: 45.2 Meter ~ 148.29 Feet Beam: 13.5 Meter ~ 44.29 Feet Draft: 2.5 Meter ~ 8.20 Feet Water Line Length: 43.5 Meter […]

1224 total views, 3 today

Year: Brand New


Floating Restaurants Sightseeing Boat 42.50m Brand New

Total length: 42.50 Meter Total width: 12.50 Meter Design draught: 2.25 Meter Design displacement: 500 Tons Capacity: 486 People Sailing Area: Inland River Class A […]

1145 total views, 1 today

Year: Brand New


Transparent Sightseeing Boat 27Meter 120 Passengers New Build

Transparent Sightseeing Boat LOA:27 m/ 88.58 ft Beam: 5.00 m Draft:0.80 m Speed: 15-18 km/h Passengers: 120 Navigation area: Inland River B New Build Material: […]

793 total views, 1 today

Year: Brand New


Floating Restaurants New Build Aluminum Customizable

LOA Length Overall: 49.9 Meter Beam: 14 Meter Draft: 2.00 Meter Capacity: 299 People Navigation Area: Inland River Class B

1501 total views, 1 today

Year: Brand New


Passenger Boat 28m Catamaran New Build, 96 people

LOA: 28.0m Beam: 12.0m Draft: 0.7m Waterline Length: 26.4m Engines: 336kW × 2, engines brand based on clients choices. Design Speed: 15.0kn Propulsion Mode / […]

1947 total views, 4 today

Year: Brand New



Passenger Boat 35.9m, 286 People including crew, Brand new

LOA: 35.9m Beam: 9m Draft: 1.8m Engines: 373Kw x 2 Design Speed: 12Kn Capacity including crew: 286 People Range: 120 Nautical Miles

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Year: Brand New


Modern Passenger Boat Length 31.5m Brand New

LOA: 31.5 Meter Beam: 7.1 Meter Draft: 0.9 Meter Engines: 118KW x 2 Design speed: 8.1 Kn Capacity including Crew: 101 People Range: 243 Nautical […]

2370 total views, 1 today

Year: Brand New

Starting $675,150

Passenger boat 28m, 63 People New Build

Passenger boat/ Floating restaurant LOA: 28m/ 91.8635ft Beam: 5.5m Draft: 0.5m Engines(Chinese brand): 2x140kw Design Speed: 8knots Capacity including crew: 63 People Hull: GRP Suitable […]

2141 total views, 2 today

Year: Brand New


Passenger boat, Ferry boat Brand New, 36 Meter, 238 People

LOA Length Overall: 36.0 Meter ~ 118.11 Feet Beam: 10 Meter ~ 32.80 Feet Draft: 1.4 Meter ~ 4.59 Feet Water Line Length: 34.1 Meter […]

2299 total views, 0 today

Year: Brand New

Touring 36


Touring 36

PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS : Length: 35 ft 10 in (10.90 m) Beam: 10 ft 9 in (3.30 m) Draft: 01 ft 08 in (0.50 m) Displacement: […]

1960 total views, 1 today

Country: United Arab Emirates

Year: Brand New

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