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uaeboats4sale.com was founded in 2004 offers available boats and yachts for sale to customers in UAE and other GCC countries in time the online business wasn’t yet popular, think originally to surpass the competition and drive the company to the top of a market. We succeeded with the idea because we always put the client first, and the website became the one dominating in the region with huge success.

We represented the biggest boats manufacturers in the region same as Gulf Craft – Silvercraft and Oryx brands for Dubai market until 2016.

We at uaeboats4sale.com strive to providing our clients the best services and prices available in the market without compromising on the quality which it is our top priority. 

More to offer our clients 

As our mission is to do the best and offer more to our clients, we expanded our business to China in order to be in direct contact with the boats, yachts manufacturers and shipyards.

Our company’s name is Guangzhou Sams Trading Co.,Ltd, located at Guangzhou the one of the most popular city for business in China.


Room G_1-38, About 9 And 10, YONGTAI WEST,


Tel: +86 17724296691/ WhatsAPP/ WeChat/ Facetime

We help our clients build their desire boats!

We choose carefully the best shipyards and suppliers.

We believe in technology and we use it very well.

As we started with a website and we had an amazing success, we continue to use the technology for the same reason.

We totally understand the long distances between shipyards, manufacturers and the clients, but with the technology we use, those distances become very short, and the information we provide to our clients let them feel the same as if they already at the shipyard.

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